Dark Fires Tutorial Edit

Beginner Isle


Once you have created your character, and loged in for the first time, you should find your self on a small isle, with many choices to live, each is suited for a different vocation, with the exception of "Hell City" witch is suitable for all vocations. Below you can get some idea of what city you should/can choose.

There are also other things you can do here, such as revive your pet, buy a promotion, and even do the quest for the second promotion. (The quest requires a level of 210 or higher) And remember, once you pick your city, you can always choose another.

The jungle Frontier, is full of up-close attacking monsters, this area is best suited for a Paladin or a decent skilled Knight.
Once you have entered the portal for Jungle Frontier, you should end up in a room such as this:


This is the Jungle Frontier temple, in this room there are multiple NPC's, some that sell you furniture and such or will buy your items.

Head down the stairs, and you will end up in a room like:


There are two NPC'S and two portals here, as well as an exit. To the south you will find amazons, all kinds of apes and witches. Even further out, you will find hunters and more.

To the northwest of the Jungle Frontier Temple, you can find the portal room:


, each of these portals will teleport you to a different spawn, be warned, the signs do not list all that inhabit said spawns, same with the other city's.

Now your going to need some supplies right? Well just walk out and around and head north from the Jungle Frontier temple, and you'll find your self, in a fort such as this:


Here you can buy everything from runes N Wands/Rods to your first promotion.

Cons and pros of choosing Jungle Frontier,

Easy for Knights and Paladins.
Lots of open houses. (For now, :P)

Grassy area, slow moving
House walls cannot be decorated
Harder for Mages as very strong hitting monsters are abundant

Arctic City

A great city for Knights, if you have the defense, you can tank almost anything here, running will be almost impossible as a majority of the stronger monsters can paralyze, making this a bad city for Mages and Paladins.

If you chose to walk through the Portal for Arctic City, you should have arrived in a small cot such as this:


Head northwest, to arrive in a cot, that serves as the Portal Room, it should look like this:


Head south from the Spawn Room, to arrive at the trainer room:


Here you can train your skills for no fee and no worries. (You will be kicked in an hour if you go afk)

Now, you know the basic layout of the Arctic City..But wait, your missing something...Supplies!
Travel east from the Trainer Room, to find your self in the Supplier Cot, Should look similar to this:

Pros and Cons

Nice big houses
Fish are found all around (lol :P)

Small spawn room
Lots of snow, meaning slow movment
Harder for Paladins and Mages, as a lot of monsters can paralyze here, so there will be little running from monsters




NOTE: If you are looking for your second promotion, you will have to go to the top floor of the temple on the Small Isle (The room your character was created in) and walk though the portal, also please note, it is not as simple as buying it, you will have to proceed through a quest to obtain it.