Server Staff

Admininstrator: Odin

Tutors: William, and possibly other's..

Server Rates

Account Manager: 1/1 Loot: 2x Skils: 4000x Magic: 1000x PvP XP: 6x, starting level 125 Rates added thanks to Mithos

Gain from Frags: 1 Plat Coin (can be used at the merchant on the second floor of the temple to buy some good stuff!)

Loss from Death: 2% - 4% of your current experience..

Special Benefits

- No Equipment Lost upon death, unless you are marked with a red, or black skull (which is impossible on this server

- Experience Ring: Doubles your experience when equipped, and costs 20,000gp at the Ring Seller (This ring has unlimited use, so when you buy it it's duration is misleading, so dont worry about taking it off if your a mage :]

- VIP Equipment: Double the power, double your chances at survival!

- Endless Competition: Fight tons of people through this wicked server, and try to ally with your friends, and maybe your enemies to gain their trust for a few minutes, or hours if thats what you need..


/commands - This will make a grey window appear with a crystal coin on the top-left hand side of the box, listng all of your access right commands..


Annihilator Quest: LvL 125 (Quest not finished) Pits of Inferno: LvL 130+ Noob Quest: LvL 120+ - Bring a team, without it this quest is impossible..

Over 4 Exciting Battle Grounds!

Average Neighbourhood

Mountain Castle

Mountain Fun

Small Castle


Trainers Teleportals (Almost packed full each day, but empty during the night time..)