This wiki page is completely dedicated to the Fun Server, which is in and out of developement! This fabulous real-mapped server was originally thought up by GM Grim, and is being made by GM Grim, Head Tutor Axtrox, and Admin Arnold.

Basic Server FeaturesEdit

  • Rates
    • Experience: 70x
    • Magic: 15x
    • Skills: 50x
    • Loot: 3x
    • Spawns: 2x
  • Special Map Notes
    • Thais does not exist
    • Thais is a raid area
    • Teleportal Room is fully accessable by all player's
    • VIP Player's get access to the VIP Teleportal room, which consists of special quests, spawns, and even housing!
  • Cities/Towns
    • Ankrahmun
    • Darashia
    • Carlin
    • Ab'dendriel
    • Kazordoon
    • Venore
    • Port Hope
    • Liberty Bay
    • Greenshire (New Thais)
    • Grim Village
    • Yalahar
  • Quests
    • Annihilator Quest
    • Demon Helmet Quest
    • Blue Legs Quest
    • Demon Oak Quest
    • Pits of Inferno Quest
    • Dark Odin's Lair
    • Dark Arnold's Lair
    • Dark Grim's Lair
    • Triangle of Terror Quest
    • Plains of Havoc Maze Quest
    • Demona Quest
    • Many, MANY More!
  • Special/Modified Items
    • VIP Donor Items (only obtained through donating)
    • Normal Manarune (100 - 150 mana)
    • Strong Manarune (150 - 250 mana)
    • Great Manarune (250 - 400 mana)
    • Ultimate Manarune (400 - 700 mana)
    • Normal Healing Rune (This is the normal health potion) (100 - 200 hp)
    • Strong Healing Rune (This is the strong health potion) (150 - 300 hp)
    • Great Healing Rune (This is the great health potion) (400 - 550 hp)
    • Ultimate Healing Rune (This is the ultimate health potion) (550 - 900 hp)
    • Super Sudden Death Rune (hits 3.5x harder than an sd, but has 2x more exaust)
    • Normal Mana Elixer (250 - 400 mana)
    • Strong Mana Elixer (400 - 700 mana)
    • Great Mana Elixer (700 - 900 mana)
    • Ultimate Mana Elixer (900 - 1150 mana)
    • Rediculous Mana Elixer (1150 - 1700 mana)
    • Normal Health Elixer (400 - 550 hp)
    • Strong Health Elixer (550 - 700 hp)
    • Great Health Elixer (700 - 1000 hp)
    • Ultimate Health Elixer (1000 - 1300 hp)
    • Rediculous Health Elixer (1300 - 2200 hp)

Official Staff ListEdit

  • Customer Support Member's
    • CS Arnold
    • CS Odin
    • CS Grim

  • Update Team
    • CS Grim
    • Head-CM Axtrox
    • CM Zaraki
    • Head-GM Fate
    • Head-GM Beyonce

  • Community Manager's
    • Head-CM Grim
    • CM Axtrox
    • CM Zaraki

  • Gamemaster's
    • Head-GM Fate
    • Head-GM Beyonce
    • GM Nard
    • GM Opjky
    • GM Pro
    • GM Silent
    • GM Dodoz

  • Head Tutor
    • CS Grim

Miniature Story of the Server Edit

Beyond the two worlds of which were created by Prudens and Odin, lies the eternally balanced world of Dedimethius known by it’s true creator, “Grim” to be the gleaming jewel of the entire three worlds for it’s perfect balance between good, and evil of course. The world of Dedimethius was created of shattered dreams, mystical thoughts, and desiliuso the pure’s soul. All of these mystical “ingredients” were to form a land much like the original world, “Tibia” but with a complete and udder twist to it. Thais was never to be built, but it’s smaller cities such as, “Greenshore”, and “Fibula” were built by the human race, thought these two villages seam to be normal at first glance there is much that is different between the originals, and the new creations.. Greenshore the gleaming naturous jewel of Thais, is known as, “Greenshire” because of it’s massive reconstruction to the west of the village, and it’s temple which is just south of the town itself. Fibula was once controlled by the human’s during a struggle against the minotaur hordes, but is not anymore. As this city is controlled by Durin, the king of the dwarves. The city itself is now known as, “The Island of the Forge”.

Grim herself being the creator, and the ultimate ruler of the realm resides on the Isle of Solitude, along with her trusted advisors, “Axtrox”, “Zaraki”, “Odin”, and “Prudens”. Be that as it may she will often leave the island itself to look for brave adventurer’s to take on mighty tasks, such as battling her dark presence, or the other two god’s dark presences as well. Axtrox being the decider of terra controls the entire nature parts of the pure world. Zaraki being the trusted advisor of Grim was blessed with godly knowledge to help better understand the world itself, and look for flaws, or impurities as well as being able to fix them up too. Odin being the god of war, has major control over the hotspots in Dedimethius, thus he controls, Volcanoes, Demonic Fortresses, Barbarian Camps/Outposts, Svargrond, and as well as Venore. Prudens being the second most balanced god of the entire three controls much of the world, and is the god of the elves. Prudens resides mostly in his own world, or dedimasa if he chooses so.

Due to the intense purity of the world itself, all evil creatures are no match for human’s of course, but their stronger counterpart’s such as, “Arch-Demons”, “Demon Overlords”, and “The Ruthless Seven” are extremely powerful and are not to be taken lightly if spotted, if you actually spot any of these nasty abominations run for your life, as said by the elders of Carlin.


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