Staff members of dedicated ot, may or may not have a name-prefix. So remember that some players may being trying to scam you if they don't have a name-prefix! If they are trying to scam you take a screenshot of the person doing so, and then post it on the DedicatedOT Forum's, so that a real staff-member can evaluate your report.

Official Staff PositionsEdit

Only official staff-member can be seen with name prefixes, or the simple ability to talk in an orange text in "Help-Chat".

Possible Name Prefixes: "Admin", "God", "Head-CM", "CM", "Head-Tech", "Tech", "Head-CS", "CS", "Head-GM", "GM", "Head-Tutor", and "Tutor".

Official Staff Positions

Administrator - "Admin", and "God" are the only possible name prefixes for this staff category.

Community Manager - "Head-CM", "CM", "Head-CS", and "CS" are the only possible name prefixes for this staff category.

Game Technician - "Head-Tech", "Tech", and "GM" are the only possible name prefixes for this staff category.

Gamemaster - "Head-GM", and "GM" are the only possible name prefixes for this staff category.

Senior Tutor, and Tutor - "Head-Tutor", "Tutor", and no name prefix are the optional prefixes you can choose from for this staff category.

Position Responsibilities

Administrator - Responsible for the recruitment, dismissal, and major game content of the server, or servers.

Head of Staff Category - Responsible for the member's of their staff group, and can determine whether or not a specific member of that group can be promoted, demoted, or dismissed of their entire position, as well as the official duties of their staff group too.

Community Manager - Responsible for taking feedback reports from player's for major game updates, and partially responsible for the enforcement of the rules if it is needed at that specific time.

Game Technician - Responsible for mapping, scripting, website designing, bug reports, rule enforcement, and occasionally helping player's in "Game-Chat", "Help-Chat", or answering rule violation report's.

Gamemaster - Responsible for the ultimate enforcement of the rules of the game, and can deal banishments, notations, namelocks, and sometimes IP-Banishments.

Senior Tutor - Responsible for name violations, and helping player's within "Help-Chat", and on the OFFICIAL SERVER FORUMS.

Tutor - Responsible for helping player's within "Help-Chat", and on the OFFICIAL SERVER FORUMS.

Other Staff InformationEdit

  • Examples of Staff Member Names
  • How to properly enforce the rules.
  • How to look for name violations.

[Universal] Staff Member Name Examples

- Odin, GM Odin, Admin Odin

- Desilus Spellweaver, Tutor Desilus, Tech Desilus

- Arnold, Prudens, GM Arnold, Admin Arnold

- William, Tutor William, GM WIlliam

[CM's, GM's, and Tech's] Properly Enforcing the Rules

It is not just enough to file out a rule violation report on a player by taking the following actions: Notation, with Comment: Don't do it again!

You need to make them scared, by enforcing the rules with a full force punch the first time, along with a warning as follows: Banishment, Final Warning, with comment: Try it again, and you will be dealt with by a God, or Admin.

People whom spam, will recieve a Notation, along with a comment by the person whom filled out the report.

People whom abuse a bug, will recieve a Final Warning, and an IP Banishment, and a comment by the person whom filled the report out.

People whom repeatedly make bad names, more than twice are instantly giving a banishment with a comment by the person whom filled the report out.

Abusing any minor rule gets you a notation each time you've done so, and each notation is one step forward to an instant automatic 7 - 14 day banishment and final warning, without a comment.

Major Rule Abuse will land you in a Banishment until account Deletion, depending on the rule that was violated of course..

[Senior Tutor's, Tech's, and GM's] N'ame Violations'

Prime examples of name violations are in the real tibia rules, and have been pasted below with some content removed, because of the way the server works..

Official Tibia Website Name Rules Below


Offensive Name

Insulting names: Please make sure your name does not offend your fellow players. Names that contain any kind of insult ("Stupid Retard", "Katie the Moron") will not be tolerated.

Racist names: Tibia is an international game where people from all over the world meet and communicate. Naturally, racist names ("Arab hater", "White Power") will never be tolerated.

Sexually related names: Tibia is a game that is largely enjoyed by minors. As a result, we aim to keep any names referring to sex or sexual orientation ("Hetero Guy", "Porn star") out of the game. Also names that include sexually related body parts ("Nipple", "Breastfeeder") will be locked. Similarly, names of celebrities who are connected to sex in some way are not desirable. This includes, for example, the names of porn stars, pimps or prostitutes.

Drug-related names: Names that explicitly relate to drugs and other illegal substances ("Weedsmoker", "Junkie") are undesirable and will be locked accordingly. The same is true for names that refer to the excessive use of alcohol ("Drunkard", "Alcohol abuse"). This rule also prohibits the use of names of famous drug dealers ("Pablo Escobar", "George Young").

Generally objectionable names: There are many more names that people may find offensive for a variety of reasons. For instance, the names of many body fluids and excrements are offensive ("Snot", "Lord Feces"), as are the names of diseases or handicaps ("Asthma", "Moe the Mongolist") or references to organised crime ("Mafia Hitman", "Narcotrafico"). Also, celebrities who are infamous for committing a serious crime or their inhuman actions are prohibited by this rule, e.g. serial killers ("Charles Manson", "Ted Bundy") or dictators ("Hitler", "Benito Mussolini").


Invalid Name Format

Names that contain parts of sentences: Names that are sentences ("Go home", "Johnrox") are not allowed as names. The same is true for names that are incomplete sentences ("Knight likes to", "Dances with wolves") as well as for names that contain exclamations or greetings ("Oh my god", "Hi Dude").

Names that contain badly formatted words: Our name creating system already enforces certain rules for names to avoid badly formatted names. For instance, names must start with a capital letter, special characters and numbers are illegal etc. Names that can be created even though they are illegal due to bad formatting include names that lack spaces ("Miketheknight", "Wingsofbeauty") or have weirdly placed spaces ("Mik ethekni ght", "Wi Ngsofb eauty").

Names that contain nonsensical combinations of letters: You are welcome to come up with a fantasy name. However, it should not only consist of a random string of letters ("Jasdhsjhf", "Aauoiee", "Huahueahua"). Likewise, names which only contain a string of letters which is not pronounceable due to missing vowels ("Knightplk", "Mr Robinson") are illegal. Names that use the same string of letters more than twice ("John John John", "Master Bababa", "Hahaha") and names that obviously contain too many typing mistakes ("Drruuiidd", "Kinght off Svvargrund") are prohibited, too..


Unsuitable Name Names that express religious or political views: Tibia is a game in which religious or political views should be of no importance. For this reason names are illegal that refer to a special religion ("Hindu master", "Muslim the paladin"), to a person that is connected to a certain religion ("Jesus Christ Sorcerer", "John the Buddha") or to a position which only exists in one religion ("Pope Frank", "Rabbi Druid"). Furthermore, names that express political views ("Democrat", "Peter the Anarchist") or refer to internationally known politicians ("Master George Bush", "Lula da Silva") are not allowed.

Names that contain illegal advertising: Names in Tibia may not contain advertising that imply the selling of Tibia items for real life money ("Premium seller", "Dollar for Armor"). Also, Tibia names should not contain off-topic advertising, e.g. for worldwide known products ("Peter Smarties", "Snickers Druid") or companies ("Disney Paladin", "Microsoft Warrior"). Names that contain titles of other online games fall under this rule, too.

Names that do not fit into Tibia's medieval fantasy setting: Tibia's setting is a medieval fantasy world. For this reason the names of its inhabitants should fit into the setting. They must not refer to things which are completely out of place in this world ("Spaceshuttle commander", "Remote control").


Name Inciting Rule Violation

Names that imply the violation of the Tibia Rules: Names that clearly imply the breaking of a Game Rule ("Sellacc", "Harry Botter") will not only be namelocked, but might also receive a punishment. The same applies to names which obviously fake an official position ("Ge Em on Aldora", "God Durin"). A name will be considered to imply a rule violation simply by naming it ("Bothater", "Spammkiller").

Names that incite the violation of the Tibia Rules: Of course, all names that incite rule violations ("Friend of Insults", "Spam Sponsor") are illegal in Tibia.