This article will be dedicated to helping players of all types learn, and understand how this server works, and how to play properly, without the use of cheating with external program's, such as bot's, or macro's..

- Desilus Spellweaver

DedicatedOT - War EditionEdit

- Basic Knowledge

- Special Features

- Battle Grounds

- Staff

- WarOT Rules

Basic KnowledgeEdit

The basic understanding of the server is that you are to "Kill", or "Be Killed".. That's the way the server works, and other things such as the use of external program's or built in client modifications can be detected by the staff gamemaster's, and administrator.. If your confused about the commands of the server, just type "/commands" a grey box will pop up showing a list of commands for players only if you are a player of course.. If your a tutor, the only extra features you would recieve would be the ability to open the rule violation action panel, by holding both "Ctrl", and "Y" on your keyboard..

Tutor Ablities

Open, and use Rule Violation Action Panel.

Special Tutor Commands (Ctrl + Y, /baninfo, /pos) - Information supplies by "Senior Tutor Desilus"

Appearance of hav ing a name prefix of "Tutor" before your character name to show your character's status of being a higher rank over other player's.. (example. Tutor William)

Special FeaturesEdit

- No Item Loss upon death.

- 2% - 4% loss of experience upon character death.

- Donation Equipment (Increased chances of survival in the battlefield! This special equipment can be seen on the 3rd floor above the temple and their donation prices..)

- Lottery Bob sells lottery tickets, which you can win the chance to get a "WInning Lottery Ticket" which gives you the ability to get 20,000gp in return from the NPC for that ticket, or a speical prize from a god/admin if they are asking fr those items in an event..

- 12 Hour Login Limit (Ability to stay logged into the trainers for a VERY LONG TIME!)

- Experience Ring (doubles your experience intake when killing another player, or creature; This item also has no time on it, so the 60 minute limit is decieving, don't worry about taking the ring off after you count the time up..)

Quests with Reward Spoilers Edit

A Noobs Life (No level requirement, but recommended level of 150) Reward is buying Noob slayer which can be used on 150 quest.

Annihilator Quest (125+) Reward is ~~DONT LOOK IF YOU MIGHT BE SPOILED(10 Platinum Coins)(Fairly Easy Quest)

Pits of Inferno (130+)

No Image yet

Ancient Ruins (Paladins Required) (Lvl 150+) You will need a paladin or a noob slayer!

Server Staff ListEdit

Active Staff member(s):

God's - Odin, and Prudens

Gamemaster(s) - GM Zaraki

Senior Tutor's - Senior Tutor Fate.

Tutor - Tutor Zero, Tutor Xourus, Tutor Kark, and Tutor War.

These are the Active Staff Members.

Inactive Staff member(s):

Tutor Your Killer

Edited by Tutor War

Server RulesEdit

  • Possible Punishment's, and Rule Violations

IP Banishment: Advertising, Giving and Accepting EXP(DELETION), Abusing a major bug, Hacking, Duplicating, Impersonating, Multiple Times Mage bombing, Flooding the Forums multiple times

Banishment: Abusing a bug, Flooding the channels, Bystander of a bug abuse and not reporting Blackmailing, Flooding the Forums.

Notation: Offtopic on forums multiple times, Spamming, Creating useless threads, Making useless polls. (Example: Poll: DO I WIN? A. YES B. YES C. YESSS!)

Name Change: Unsuitable Name (Example: Admin, Gamemaster,GM, God, CM,Tutor,Senior Tutor, and Owner) Note: You will not recieve a name change even if you request for one, and if you do get a namechange on request when the Tutor responsible is discovered

Your action WILL be Justified.


Article Note: This section was copied from the official Rule Thread from the OFFICIAL SERVER FORUM..

Other InformationEdit

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